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Aquasmith is committed to enhance healthy environment in the society.

As such, we have emerged as a leading solution provider for pure and safe drinking water.

Designed to eliminate all contaminants, including solvents, pesticides, lead, metals and harmful microbes, our state of the art water purification systems deliver purest water for home and commercial use.

Aquasmith has pioneered the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis(RO) technology, which is a breakthrough in delivering pure, safe drinking water.

At Aquasmith, our effort to provide green technology for the betterment of mankind is an ongoing process.


To contribute to the health of the nation by providing excellent quality water purification system, offer highest order of service and cater to the ever increasing base of our happy clients.


Our vision is to improve the health factor of our nationals by providing superior water purification solutions.


Contribute to the society by providing ace water purification solutions.