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1. What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) commonly known as Hyper Filtration; is the most updated and efficient technology used for purification of water. It is the same technology which is used by every recognized bottled water companies. It is also used for many industrial processes in pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries.

In this process water has to pass forcefully through a semi permeable membrane resulting only pure water passes from it while rejecting the contaminants that are too large to pass through tiny pores of this membrane. These pores are very small in size. To understand the size of this pores please refer the below diagram Designed to eliminate all contaminants, including solvents, pesticides, lead, metals and harmful microbes, our state of the art water purification systems deliver purest water for home and commercial use.

2. What is membrane?

Membrane is made up of very thin layers of sheets with very tiny pores which are rolled upon a plastic pipe. It only allows pure water to pass through it and let other contaminants gets washed from the surface of the membrane.

3. Is there any life span of this RO Membrane, When should we replace it?

There is no specific time period to replace the membrane. Life of membrane is primarily depends on quality of input water; if the quality of water is good then it can be used for more than 3-5 years

4. How is AQUASMITH RO water compared to bottled water?

AQUASMITH RO water is far better when compared to bottled water. Following aspects are needed to consider while comparison:
A) Technology: Many branded bottled water companies use only UV technology which is not adequate for purification. A UV water purification system only destroys bacteria, but does not remove chemicals present in the water. AQUASMITH Reverse Osmosis technology ensures complete purification.
B) Cost: Cost of Bottled water is much higher than AQUASMITH RO water.
C) Contaminants: Bottled water usually comes in plastic bottles which ooze toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A and Phthalates which causes cancer. Many times we reuse this bottles which is also very hazardous for us.
D) Quality: When buying ordinary brands there is no guarantee of proper treatment or it may be just normal tap water at premium price. No such issue for AQUASMITH RO water as treatment gets in front of us.
e) Effect on Environment: Plastic bottles cannot recycle properly resulting pollution in environment.
F) Freshness: With AQUASMITH RO System you can get fresh water anytime you want, which will not be possible with bottled water, as they might be packed for several days in the plastic bottles.

So, if you would like to drink fresh, healthy and safe water, save money and protect the environment then AQUASMITH RO system is the only choice you have.

5. Why reverse osmosis systems are always unite with carbon and sediment filters?

Carbon filtering is the oldest method of filtration that uses activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities. Carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odor from water and it absorbs chemical. Each granule of carbon provides a large surface area/pore structure. One pound (450 g) of activated carbon contains a surface area of approximately 100 acres (40 Hectares).

Sediment filters removes suspended solids from water very efficiently.

These filters are very useful for smooth functioning of RO System and so life of membrane increases.

6. Is pre-filter essential for RO Systems?

Pre-filters also prevent the RO membrane from being fouled or clogged by sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants, thus enhancing its efficiency and lifespan. If water quality of your tap water is not good we strongly recommend using pre-filter.

7. What is Ultraviolet (UV)?

Ultraviolet (UV) is a cost effective purification method uses Ultraviolet light to ensure bacteria-free water. The Ultraviolet energy attacks the genetic code of the microorganism and rearranges their DNA /RNA ensuring inability to function and reproduce. The process is simple but effective, destroying 99.99 percent of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals to the water.

8. When should the UV lamp changed?

Normally UV lamp can be used for 12 months with its full operation. The lamp gradually loses energy after this period; therefore the lamp should be changed annually to guarantee the amount of UV energy available is sufficient enough to kill micro-organisms.

9. Are ultraviolet light harmful like radiations

No. The UV light is similar to sunlight; it only penetrates the water. There is no residue or left over of any kind in water that has been treated with the Ultraviolet light. But you should avoid direct expose to the UV light.

10. What is the schedule for maintenance of AQUASMITH Purifier?

Every water purifier needs occasional attention and replacement of filters and membrane. Our technical team had prepared a schedule of 3 visits (annually) and the best thing is that you don’t have to remember that; our team member will call you and take appointment before every visit.